Georgia Rae – light of our lives

I have always treated both my sons’ female friends with as much love and affection as possible. I am lucky enough that I really, really liked / like all of them, which obviously made things easier. But I also know that even if I didn’t, I would have faked it and pretended that I did – for their sake. But it’s always so nice that you know you like someone just because they are such an awesome human being and not because of their relationship with your son!

That’s what makes me so thankful for Georgia. Beautiful Georgia Rae Croeser was born on 16 January 1999 and although I would only know about her existence 18 years later, I now know that 16 January 1999 was a GOOD day. Because Georgia Rae Croeser was born.

I met Georgia in Stellenbosch in 2017. She was introduced to me as one of Kevin’s ‘friends’, but I saw the way she looked at my son, and although I wasn’t sure whether the feeling was mutual (being Kevin he treated everyone exactly the same!) there was no doubt in my mind that Georgia was crazy about my son! Who could blame her? A few weeks later I was told by the same son that he was in fact much crazier about her than she was about him! I was so, SO happy!! For both of them.

Well, if I was happy then, imagine my delight when I got to know the amazing person that Georgia Rae is. She is witty, funny, sensitive, intuitive, strong, beautiful and she has a wicked sense of humour. I just can’t get enough of her, and when she comes to visit it’s always so difficult for me to behave myself and not crowd her! Oh yes, I can totally be that person who hogs my son’s girlfriend and try to spend as much time as possible with her! Especially if her name is Georgia Rae Croeser!

I can name so many things I love about her, and I really, really love her just for being Georgia and for no other reason. But one of the main reasons I got to love her so quickly was because of how much she loves my son. I mean really LOVE him. When she looks at him her eyes light up and when he looks at her I can she that she basks in his affection. This may sound so soppy, but it’s the honest truth: She looks like a beautiful rose kissing the first rays of the sun after a long night whenever her eyes meet Kevin’s!

I always had this nagging worry that I would be ridiculously jealous of Kevin’s first real love. I am so very relieved to say that this worry was totally unnecessary! I fell in love with Georgia just as much as my son fell in love with her! More than that, I made a firm choice to love Georgia even if she didn’t love me back, and that made all the difference! Imagine the overwhelming feeling of gratefulness I felt when she told me she loved me too the first time I managed to scrape together enough courage to tell her that I love her!

When Kevin left for New Zealand I took a series of photos of him and Georgia on the airport. I cry every single time I look at those photos. In fact, it saddens me so much that I have locked it away in a secret folder on my computer and I have to go through a lot of trouble to access it – which gives me enough time to come to my senses not to access it at all! So I haven’t looked at those photos until tonight. It’s midnight, and Georgia and I chatted a bit tonight. Just like with Kevin I’m not quite sure which is worse – not speaking to her and missing her tremendously, or speaking to her and then missing her even more. Tonight it’s particularly bad.

The respect I have for Georgia knows no bounds, her bravery and resolve to live her life to the fullest despite missing Kevin so much that she physically gets ill inspires and shames me at the same time. She is always putting him first. Always concerned about him, his feelings, his circumstances, his emotions around being so far from home. And then she worries about me and my sore heart. She is always so concerned about everyone else and I just know that she puts herself on the back burner and always smiles despite the pain in her heart.

I am 46 years old. I have loved truly, madly, deeply and irrevocably in my lifetime. And this means that I recognise this in others so much easier. And I know people make snide remarks about ‘puppy love’ and ‘they are too young to know what love is’ and ‘it will never last’ and of course the condescending ‘they’re still children.’ Somehow implying that because they are not 100 years old they wouldn’t know what love is. I can say this with all the conviction in the world: This beautiful young woman, who is not even 21 yet, KNOWS what love is. And I know she knows because I know and I saw her with my son. I saw them together. I experienced their togetherness and their relationship and it gives me the greatest pleasure and I feel deeply thankful to say: They love each other.

Georgia Rae, I don’t know what Kevin and I have done to deserve you loving us so much. I want to build a shrine for your mother and father for raising such a gem of a human being. I don’t care that people call me ‘soppy’ and ‘ridiculous’ when they hear how I swoon over you. I really don’t. Because you are the real deal. You are unique and wonderful and mesmerizing and honest and loyal and caring and beautiful – inside and out. And I don’t care if my son goes mad and marries the queen of Sheba instead of you one day – YOU will always and irrevocably have a place in my heart that belongs only to you.

I love you sweet girl. I love you for being you and I love the whole of you. Don’t you ever forget that!!

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