The sun keeps on shining

I have obviously experienced this many, many times in life. That no matter what is going on in your life, the sun comes up and the sun goes down. It is such a cliche but so true nonetheless: Time waits for no one. And not the richest person on earth or the most spiritual, intelligent or desperate, can stop it.

I feel a bit lost. Since Kevin arrived here in December, I have dreaded him leaving on that plane to New Zealand. I have unwillingly counted down the days and I was almost shocked when the day actually arrived. Like one can keep the inevitable away by wishing it doesn’t happen. Yeah right. So it’s Sunday today, not even 2 full days since he left. And I have to work very, very hard on my conscious thoughts to force myself to be positive and stay that way.

I was very privileged to attend the Real Success 2019 event yesterday where I listened to the most amazing speakers, and also met Mr. Robin Banks. Robin is an international motivational speaker and whether you ‘believe’ in the power of the mind or not, what he had to say shook my world. I have heard and learned about ‘the power of positive thinking’ many, many times in my life. But never has the incredible power of my mind EVER been explained this well to me! I literally have the power to change my future, my year, my month, my week, my day, my next hour, minute, second. Not my husband’s. Not my children’s. Not my friends’. My own.

I know there are many skeptics out there. I know there are Christians who are vehemently opposed to any ‘mind power’ tactics. Which surprises me. Because there are countless examples in the Bible of people who (with the help of God of course) didn’t allow their circumstances and seemingly ‘impossible’ circumstances to beat them psychologically by being strong mentally. And some of them were so in control of their own minds (again with the help of God) that even when they were busy dying the thought of death didn’t ‘get’ to them! There are many examples but I am thinking of Daniel, and Stephen, and Samson and Paul and John and many, many others. God didn’t miraculously descent from heaven, took control of their bodies and did it for them. No, THEY did with the power of their minds!

The Mind Power course has been designed by internationally renowned best-selling author John Kehoe, to awaken the powers of the mind. Robin Banks presents this course in South Africa. It will provide you with the tools and techniques to train your mind and master your powers of concentration. By consciously choosing your thoughts, you consciously create you life. The power of the mind combined with ANY religion can be a tremendously successful tool! So why would you not utilize an amazing opportunity to change your life completely, WITH the help of whatever or whomever you believe in?!

So I am giving this mind power thing a go, starting with positive affirmations. As per Mr. Banks himself, an affirmation is a short rhythmic positive statement, but the key to making it effective is to repeat it over and over and over again in the conscious mind in order for it to seep into the subconscious mind.

” When done consciously affirmations give our mind something to focus on for our own benefit. We are affirming truths to ourself all the time. The challenge is we do most of these unconsciously and may have many disempowering affirmations and rarely do we take the time to focus on consciously directing our mind to affirm a positive empowering statement for ourself. Listen to the conversation of a stranger or friend and observe how many affirmation a person says to themselves subtlely within 5 minutes. We humans can be amazing how asleep we are to the power of our own words. They can cause us harm or help.”

Robin Banks taught us a lot of other things too that I can’t possibly all repeat here, but long story short, I am giving this affirmation thing a go with everything that’s in me – including my belief system. So here’s my positive affirmations for this week:

Every day in every way, I am getting better and better. I am deeply thankful for the abundance, the joy and the love that surrounds me every day. The greater my success, the sooner I will see my son. Greater is He that is in me, than he that’s in the world. The more I have the more I can give.

Please don’t be worried that I am now a New Age freak, rejecting all things holy and going on a ‘I have the power’ fest. I’m not. I miss my son in NZ tremendously but I hope to ‘train my brain’ to see the POSITIVE in this situation and to keep on proclaiming that I will be seeing him soon! He arrived safely in New Zealand and although he is a bit bushed, he is positive and upbeat. As always. I am proclaiming and affirming that I WILL see the Wellington harbour with my own eyes whilst holding my son’s hand within the next 365 days. Watch this space.


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